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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Download button?
Please read the app description :
"On your watch: tap the "..." button and then the Download button to download new pictures from your phone."

Watch the video

The watch says "Download (100%)". Why don't I see my new pictures on the watch?
The "100%" is the result of your last download.
You have to tap the Download button again if you have made any changes on your phone.

How can I switch from a 24 hour clock to a 12 hour clock?
The phone app "Photo Album Watch Face" allows you to switch between 24h and 12h clock (Settings menu in the phone app).
Don't forget to Download again the phone data from your Fitbit app Photo Album Watch Face, when you have made any changes in the phone app (button "..." at the bottom of the watch face).
Before you start the download, make sure that your Fitbit is in Sync (as shown in the video).

Why is the watch display black when I download photos?
If the connection to the phone is slow, the watch display may switch off during the download. Just tap the watch screen to switch the display on again.

I see the Fitbit Photo Album app downloading my photos from the phone app. But then suddenly all my pictures that are in the phone app disappear in the Fitbit app and original pictures return in spite of the fact that I deleted them from the phone app. Why do my downloaded photos disappear from the Fitbit app?
Please do not try to download more than 5 or 10 photos to your Fitbit.
The Fitbit does not have much space and will probably crash if you try more (The Fitbit will lose all the photos when it crashes and you have to download again).

The Fitbit Photo Album app just says "Connecting..." on the Fitbit when I click Download. Nothing happens. Can someone help me with it?
Please wait at least one minute for "Connecting..." (the Fitbit is slow).
If it gets stuck with the "Connecting..." message for a longer time, there is a connection problem between your watch and your phone (see "Connection Error" below).

Why does the Fitbit app show a "Connection Error" when I try to download photos from the phone?
Please be patient, the Fitbit connectivity is slow and unreliable .

The Fitbit "Sync" step, shown in the video, is very important. Don't skip it and make sure that the watch app "Photo Album Watch Face" is closed during the Sync.

Please try this:
1.) On your watch: open the Settings app (just open it, don't click anything).
2.) Open the Fitbit phone app and Sync it with your watch, wait until it says "a moment ago"
3.) On your watch: open the Photo Album app, tap "..." and then Download
4.) Wait at least one minute for "Connecting..." (the Fitbit is slow). If the watch display goes black during the download, just tap the watch screen to switch the display on again.

Steps 1) and 2) are really important, don't skip them.

Unfortunately Fitbit is doing a terrible job to recover from connectivity problems .
So you may have to repeat these 4 steps several times.
It may also help to kill the Fitbit phone app or reboot the phone (power off - power on) and then repeat the 4 steps above.

Sorry, we can not help you with watch connection problems.
This is a problem in the Fitbit phone app, which is responsible for all the communication between watch and phone. Fitbit had promised to fix these problems a long time ago, but so far they have failed to do this:
Please make sure that you are using the latest Fitbit phone app version. There are some improvements for newer phones, but unfortunately there are still a lot of problems with older phones.

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